Mission Mississippi 2020


Mission Mississippi 2020 has been formed from among the collective of socially progressive community action organizations and those individuals seeking to improve the condition of the people of Mississippi

Mission Mississippi 2020


Mission Mississippi 2020 has been formed from among the collective of socially progressive community action organizations and those individuals seeking to improve the condition of the people of Mississippi. To that end, Mission Mississippi 2020 has been established as a non-partisan organization with three primary goals in mind: 1 establish a network for mutual cooperation among political action groups across the state in an effort to maximize the effects of direct action activities; 2 Create funding avenues to support the endeavors of affiliated organizations; 3 Develop community based solutions to problems relating to economics, mass incarceration, healthcare access, human rights issues, violence, hunger, educational inequality, civic corruption, and other social ills.

Mission Mississippi 2020 would actively gather organizations with different political and social beliefs to act on common interests and by working through all the steps leading to direct action and intervene in situations where civil liberties are being violated by organized entities. For this to be effective no one organization will take the forefront besides the central organization which we have all gathered to aid. The Alliance then acts as a mutual defense collective designed to shift the resources of different like-minded entities where they are needed. Actions taken follow the scale of escalation used by SNCC and outlined by Dr. King’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail. Direct Action being the last bastion of resistance it too must follow certain criteria mainly keeping the moral high ground by utilizing non-violent resistance and most importantly never displaying an aggressive or anarchistic image of protestors which might be used in counter intelligence to sway public opinion against the efforts of the Alliance. Regardless of opposition or goading public opinion is the primary weapon of direct action. By creating a clear “good” and “bad” via actions and expression non-violent protests gain the support of public opinion. This requires not active conflict but passive resistance. Creating the image of moral superiority via willingly taking the punishments of the offending party creates martyrdom and sways the opinion of the public thus effectively creating change peacefully.

To meet these goals, Mission Mississippi 2020 intends to:

Phase One: Building

  • Establish a list of organizations who align with our mission goals.
  • Identify leaders within those organizations and enlisting their support, pledging levels of cooperation and shared resources.
  • Identify funding from private and public sources.

Phase Two: Identify Imminent Key Causes and Political Action

  • Alert and organize affiliated groups to engage the issue, (Call to Action).
  • Gather and allocate resources to enable response. (Resource Allocation).
  • Establish a united media presence to display solidarity. (Collective Voice).
  • Initiate Negotiations using trained negotiators and mediators. (Collective Negotiation)
  • When Necessary, Orchestrate Direct Action supporting all conscientiously aligned organizations. (Direct Action).

Phase Three: Community Development

  • Work with conscientiously aligned organizations to develop community programs aided at improving the lives of the people of Mississippi.
  • Use collective resources to fund and provide avenues for fund development within these communities.
  • Make sure that the network promotes and aides these efforts while ensuring cooperation rather than competitive programs.
  • Extend branches of these programs to other afflicted areas of the state

Sample of Possible Issues:

  • Stemming and reversing the organized actions of political and economic entities designed to impede upon the basic human rights guaranteed all free people.
  • Improve the access and quality of education to all students of Mississippi to develop a self-actualized and informed population.
  • To establish competent community centered checks and balances for civic authority such as police forces and city government.
  • To provide a clean future for as of yet born generations which stems the ecological damage of laissez faire environmental policy.
  • To provide economic opportunities and social aid in otherwise underrepresented populations within the United States.
  • To secure and defend the basic rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution as applied equilaterally among all the people of the United States.
  • To secure and protect women’s rights to self-determination.
  • To support the numerous issues affecting the LGBTQ Community.
  • To improve the living and healthcare conditions of the American people by developing housing, creating timely and cost-effective avenues of medical treatment.
  • To support the development of art in all its forms across the state.
  • To establish community support programs to reintegrate homeless populations into the workforce.
  • To provide affordable nutritional food to economically disparaged communities.
  • To provide avenues for legal citizenship to people otherwise denied them by current polices which date back to racial quota systems.
  • To remove party biased legislation designed to tamper with the American Judiciary and Electoral process and see gerrymandering policies replaced by competent representative blocking of congressional districts.
  • To remove the influence of lobbyist and other iterations of the Military Industrial Complex from American politics.
  • To protect the separation of Church and State as established by the United States Constitution which is designed to protect the civil liberties of all free Americans to worship or not as they see fit without fear of oppression from a state supported faith.
  • To protect the rights of the people to worship freely and without censure as long as that worship does not violate the rights of another human being.
  • To support the efforts of Historically Black Colleges and Universities and affirm their necessity in the modern political climate.


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