Pinkhouse Defenders


Clinic defenders at the last abortion clinic in Mississippi - Jackson Women's Health Organization

Pinkhouse Defenders


The Pinkhouse Defenders (PHDs) are volunteers defending the patients of the Jackson Women’s Health Organization (JWHO) from anti-abortion “sidewalk counselors” (antis) aka harassment. JWHO is the last remaining abortion clinic in Mississippi. As clinic patient escorts, we work to empower patients and their companions to feel as safe, confident and comfortable as possible as they access the clinic while enduring harassment from street preachers and “sidewalk counselors.”
As clinic defenders, we believe the current policy of “non-engagement” on the sidewalks between the clinic escort and these anti-abortion harrassers is unrealistic, and is actually counter productive. While patient safety and comfort ALWAYS come first, we also believe that the current anti abortion narrative, legislation and behavior has to be challenged and changed, on the sidewalk and in our culture, in order to defend women and their rights.



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